“The Beauty of Friendship” TEDxCanadianUniversityofDubai 2017, October 2017, Canadian University of Dubai. “Can one be jealous of a professionally successful friend? Social activist, Nada Faris, uses a personal relationship to elaborate on the importance and beauty of a selfless friendship. The talk emphasizes on potential circumstances that can jeopardize the pure relationship with a friend. Nada discusses the elements of maintaining a humanitarian association and methods of self improvement through the successful growth of others.”

“Perception is only an ink stain away” TEDxAlShuwaikh 2017, September 2017, Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center. “What does Kuwait’s finest slam poet write about? Nada’s talk takes us through fourteen years of keeping a journal, and how that led to seeking professional help!”


“Selected poems from my book Fountain of Youth” 2016 Vine Leaves Vignette Collection Award Semi-Finalist


  • Strangers” In response to Dr. Shahd Al-Shemmari’s book Forget the Words, January 2017, The Divan, Sirdab Lab.


“To Women Who Don’t Support Women’s Rights,” GUST’s Poetry Night December 7, 2017, Gulf University for Science and Technology.

“You are the Frenzy” The Divan’s Debate Tournament, April 2016, Al-Shaheed Park.

“Greater than Me” – TEDxAlShuwaikh, Mar 24, 2016, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR).

“Why Wait Kuwait” Kuwait’s 6th Slam Poetry Competition, April 2014, Taste of Jamaica, Ethi-Sudan Restaurant and Cafe.


“Every Shaman is a Poet,” Poetry Night, December 2016, The English Club at the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST).


“Smelly Honey Bunny” Voices and Verses, January 2017, Kuwait Poets Society, Artspace.


“Dear Dad” Interschool Round of the Spoken Word Poetry Competition (The New English School, the British School of Kuwait, and The English School), at the New English School.


“So Much Happens in Our Bodies” Word of Mouth II, September 2015, Al-Shaheed Park.


“Transference” Voices and Verses, November 2016, Kuwait Poets Society, Artspace.


“Lady Susanna Montgomery”  Open Mic Event, December 15, 2017, FIKIR & Kuwait Poets Society’s, the American University of Kuwait.


“In Response to Abdullah Buwair’s Article ‘God Save Kuwait’ in Kuwait Times Newspaper” Isma3ni’s Anniversary show, December 2013, Live Theater.


“I Call Us Frankenstinian” Kuwait’s 7th Slam Poetry Contest,  January 2015, Taste of Jamaica.


“Sing to Me, Pandora,” Kuwait Poets Society’s Legit Open Mic, April 2017, Applebees, where I was feature poet.


“Artemis” 3 in 1 Extravaganza, December 2011, Taste of Jamaica, Bayt Lothan.



  • Transference” Kuwait’s 7th Slam Poetry Contest,  January 2015, Taste of Jamaica.
  • Artemis” September 2013, Cedar Rapids’ Belle’s Basix, USA.
  • Artemis RevisitedOpen Mic, April 2013, Kuwait Writing Club, Gulf University for Science And Technology (GUST).
  • Artemis RevisitedIsma3ni Open Mic, April 2013, Isma3ni, Argeela Bar.