Updates: 2 Interviews and 2 New Publications


51010c2bf1b92d418048beade0ec135e1. If you picked up Khaleejesque magazine “The Business Issue” this month, you would have found an interview with yours truly on pages 80-81. If you read it, let me know what you think.


2. If you tuned in to 93.9 FM “Al-Boom” on Wednesday 4pm, you would have heard me talk about my experience at the IWP. The interview was organized by the US Embassy in Kuwait.


3. If you picked up CityPages magazine this month, you would have found a new short story, titled “The Black Cat,” on pages 102-103. (Read it online)


4. And I am especially excited to announce that Sukoon magazine has graciously accepted two of my page poems for publication. You will find “Fortified Axioms” and “Feed the Hungry” on pages 37 and 38 respectively. Do read everything else though, because they’re all top notch.

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