Upcoming: Live Interview on Al-Rai TV and Live Poetry Performance at The Arab Open University

This is just to remind you to tune in to Al-Rai TV on Wednesday at 5pm to watch me embarrass myself on international television. I will try not to…but I don’t promise anything.

And don’t forget to pass by The Arab Open University on Thursday at 2:30 pm to watch me perform a new poem. The Arab Open University is hosting their own English Day. It’s going to start from 10 am and continue throughout the day. They picked ancient mythology as their theme this year. You can come and watch performances from 5 different ancient cultures: Greek, Egyptian, Persian, Nordic and Mesopotamian.

My poem is called: “Sing to Me, Pandora.”  Greek all the way baby! I wrote it specifically for this event. Come with Promethean fire!

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