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“Anglowaiti Literature”


I am a Kuwaiti writer and performance poet known as “Kuwait’s Finest.” I write poetry, articles, and fiction in English. I also write for children and young adults. I call my writing “Anglowaiti Literature.” In six years, I have tried to express Anglowaiti identity in nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, and I endeavored to achieve that on my own terms. You can explore my journey by reading articles, talks, and short stories that I wrote on the topic from 2009-2015. If you subscribe to my mailing list, you will receive a PDF version of this gallery. It is over 250 pages, more than 45,000 words, of articles, speeches, and short stories. Or you can begin perusing the following:


Fountain of Youth

My first internationally published book came out in 2016. Fountain of Youth is a book of page poems that is concerned with endings, resonances, and aftermaths. It explores the mediation of an Arab female poet on the brink of change, documenting moments of transformation from adolescence to adulthood, from the immature stage of a mental disorder to its mature form, and from post-colonial conditions which led to the creation of a comfortable welfare state to globalization and its repercussions.

Specifically, Fountain of Youth questions what it means to be human after the global triumph of neoliberalism—and how our revision will help us rethink our ideas about youth/growth in the Middle East. Fountain of Youth became a semi-finalist in Vine Leaves 2016 Vignette Collection Award.  In 2017, I shared some of the thoughts that I formulated during the writing process. You can explore them here. They explain how and why I approached page poetry, notes on my psyche at the time of writing, my reasons for applying certain poetic techniques and not others, some analyses of selected poems, and much more.


TEDx Talks & Contributions


In 2017, I gave two TEDxTalks. I delivered “Perception is only an ink stain away,” at Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center for TEDxAl-Shuwaikh, and “The Beauty of Friendship” at The Canadian University of Dubai for TEDxCanadianUniversityDubai.


My first encounter with a TEDx event, however, occurred a year earlier when I wrote and performed “>me (greater than me)” for TEDxAl-Shuwaikh, which was hosted at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR).


Spoken Word Poetry


I am known as Kuwait’s finest slam poet because I have won back-to-back awards in national slam poetry competitions.

The first competition was held at the Jamaican Embassy in Kuwait.

I was the only Arab and only female participant, and I won first place.


Young Adult & Mischief Diary

I also write for young adults and children.

Mischief Diary, a collection of humorous young adult short stories, is available from Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press, Doha, Qatar.

Or Watch My Spoken Word Performances