Polishing Two Books for 2017

Edited 11/11/16: I have decided to hold on to Animal Instinct, and publish only Fountain of Youth for now.

With two books scheduled for release in 2017, I’ve been crazy busy (in a good way). I haven’t written anything new for a while. I’ve been setting the stage for next year when my new long term plan kicks in. It’s shaping up rather well.



My book Animal Instinct will be published by The Operating System in 2017. I just heard that it might be sometime in April. I’ve just contacted an artist to discuss cover ideas. I’m excited!

Animal Instinct is a collection of spoken word poems that include four 1st place winners at Kuwait’s national poetry slam, originally hosted by the Jamaican Embassy in Kuwait in 2010. Furthermore, it includes the closing contribution for TEDx Al-Shuwaikh’s event “> me (greater than me).” In Animal Instinct, Nada Faris explores the power of orality in the creative process. The book weaves questions about identity, history, and gender, while fluctuating over a range of emotions. Most prominently, however, it asks what it means to be an Arab woman who performs poetry in English in front of a live audience.

The Operating System has just launched a crowd funding campaign, inviting people to become part of their new chapter.

While we’ve already published 20+ books and this campaign will support the publication of the next 20 (already in progress!), the impact of this funding is far greater: for our mission is achieved not only through our books but also through outreach, education and community programs on the ground, as well as via the continued development of online and multimedia resources. Your help today could be a game changer, supporting both our unique publishing model and public programming online and off.

So if you’ve been wanting to support the arts and have been wondering where to start, wonder no more. Back The OS’s radical publishing practice and programs and enjoy various perks along the way.



In April 2016, Fountain of Youth, my book of page poems became a semi-finalist in Vine Leaves Vignette Collection Award. Over the next few days, I should be polishing it (making sure line endings correspond to the length of the actual book, etc.) and also brainstorming cover ideas. Yay!

Fountain of Youth is concerned with endings, resonances, and aftermaths. It provides the reader with the mediation of an Arab female poet on the brink of change. It documents the moment of transformation from adolescence to adulthood, from the immature stage of a mental disorder to its mature form, and from post-colonial conditions which led to the creation of a comfortable welfare state to globalization and its repercussions.
Specifically, Fountain of Youth questions what it means to be human after the global triumph of neoliberalism — and how our revision will help us rethink our ideas about youth/growh in the Middle East.

My personal life is undergoing transformations, too. New home. New work. My own new chapter waiting to unfold, myself in the center, an active participant in the world surrounding me, spreading love, joy, compassion, sharing blessings, and challenging myself to rise to higher levels.

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