“Between Experimentation and Communication” a 1-hour lecture at the American University of Kuwait

On March 9, I was invited by the American University of Kuwait’s Diwaniya Book Club to speak for an hour about my journey as an Anglowaiti writer. I gave a lecture titled: Between Experimentation and Communication: How we Balance Writing for Ourselves and Wanting to be Read by Others 

The lecture is part of a series of activities that will start on Sunday the 5th of March 2017 and end on Thursday the 9th. The 5-day long event celebrates the genre of fantasy writing. It includes three main highlights. A week-long fantasy themed QR treasure hunt, a movie night, and the Winners Ceremony, in which the winners of the treasure hunt and the winners of the short story writing competition will be announced. 



Below are the screen-shots from my presentation. 

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