Day #1 Netherlands Journal

So Day One is almost over. I spent Shabbat evening with friends I’d met in Poland earlier this year and had the best time. Delicious food. Amazing conversation. They — husband and wife and family friend — were so kind and we — my friend whom I’d also met in Poland, and I — stayed there until 3am! The family friend — a dabbler of finance by day, musician by night — was kind enough to drive us to our homes afterward. My friend, to the student dorm; and I, to the hotel half an hour away, which was locked.

I hate commuting by trains. It’s not romantic at all. It is annoying as hell and wastes so much time. The problem is that you can’t count on one train to take you to your destination. Oh no. You have to get on a train (the right one!) and pass a couple of stops, then you get off and take another, then walk for God knows how many minutes/miles (kind of defeats the purpose of commuting in a vehicle if you ask me), then find the correct  tram, then walk again, then get on a bus, then you might be able to reach your destination. Yesterday my friend and I were an hour and a half late to dinner, to a place that’s around 20-30 minutes away. There should be showers in train/tram/bus stations. I don’t understand how anyone can get to their next destination and feel fine, like “Oh sweat? It’s cool. It’s cinnamon flavor.” And don’t get me started on those who bike everywhere.

In terms of my morning ritual, I’d say it was partly a flop. I couldn’t wake up at 5 am, obviously. I woke up at a quarter to 8. I had breakfast and prepared my work station then started writing around 9am.

I’m sharing my experience on snapchat: @thenadafaris.

The good news is that I did write and brainstorm and I think I have a kernel of an idea, the seed of a project waiting to unravel. I look forward to exploring it further in the upcoming days.

I also joined Flikr today. I took some photos that I’d like to share.

The Netherlands

I’ll be updating this album during my stay.

With love and light,


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