Book Updates

I had two books coming out in 2017. I canceled my contract with the New York press. I guess I’ll focus on Fountain of Youth for now. It’s coming out on December 19, 2016, instead of 2017. You can pre order it here.

I’ll save Animal Instinct for later. I’ve rewritten and polished some of my old spoken word poems and now they’re looking good in that collection (ANIMAL, I mean).

On top of that, I wrote a whole new poetry book in the Netherlands. I know my blog doesn’t convey that. Sue me. I went through emotional turmoil. I couldn’t find an area in my brain to utilize for a blog post. But I’m getting ahead of myself. On second thought, not in the mood to talk about that. So let’s focus on book stuff.

The official status update is the following:

  1. FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: ready for pre order directly from the publisher’s website. I just received a paperback so I can start the process of getting it approved for sale in Kuwait (you know, censorship stuff).
  2. ANIMAL INSTINCT: in manuscript form, waiting for a new home that will love and honor it as I and my readers would.
  3. My book of humorous short stories for young adults is still under consideration by a publishing house. They’ve had the book since late February / early March, so we’ll get the verdict annnny day now *fingers crossed*.
  4. And I just finished a book-length narrative poem that is ready to find a home as well. (Don’t tell the other books but I think it’s my favorite).

Apart from Nicki’s concert, this year I also went to Dubai for comic con, Barcelona for vacation with my friend, Poland for a Kabbalah energy retreat, Turkey to meditate with Buddhist monks, Slovenia for a friend, the Netherlands to write the poetry book, and New York for Rosh Hashana. Man. Can every year be 2016? Or does that limit my future?

You know what, I’ll take my chances on fate. The universe knows what’s best for me. I can’t even decide on lunch.

I performed at new venues this year: contributed a poem to TEDxAl-Shuwaikh’s event at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), I closed The Divan’s first national debate at Shaheed park with a performance, and participated in Khaleejesque’s open mic at Sadu House. I also won 1st place in Taste of Jamaica’s slam poetry contest two times in a row.

I was part of other cultural events: joined the Arab world’s committee of the first award for short story collections in Arabic (established by The Cultural Circle and the American University of Kuwait), led a book club discussion on Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning at The Divan at Sirdab lab, and translated Balsam Al-Ayoub’s documentary on Kuwait’s Olympic players: Between Hope and Pain.

The year is not over yet. Kuwait Poets Society is planning an open mic night. I need to think about the poem I’ll perform. Hm. See. I can’t even pick a poem. And my book officially comes out in December. I need to start planning tours.

In the meantime, you can pre order the book. It’s sexy.

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