Short Story Reading at ACA Girls Campus (American Creativity Academy)


I was invited by Ms. Alexis White to read one of my humorous YA short stories for her ten and eleven year olds on Thursday. We settled on reading them the infamous “Four-Year-Old Maverick” in which I, as a four year old girl, go to school in my father’s bathroom slippers.

“Because it’s reading week,” Ms. White said as we walked through the corridors, “our students are dressed as book characters.” Teachers and students looked magnificent as princesses and animals and supernatural creatures. The halls of the American Creativity Academy for girls felt like Narnia, a world where magic flourishes.

The class of 5D, however, were dressed causally, some sported fancy blazers or hip leather jackets. I couldn’t believe my eyes when it was pointed out to me that they were actually dressed as me! “You’re known for your blazers!” cried their teacher, and I swelled with joy. It was such a touching moment. I almost protested though. I almost said “But I am not a book character…” when Ms. White added, “look at their feet!”

Since they were reading a story that is based on my real life, their teacher explained, they decided to wear their bathroom slippers to school, in other words, to dress as the four-year-old maverick of the story.


It was a wonderful experience that made me want to work on Mischief Diary, a collection of 15 funny tales based on real events, which I put on hold when I sunk into depression. When you’re sad ‘and stuff’ you don’t feel like writing funny stories. But I will hopefully work on it again so it can be ready sometime next year.

At the end of the class we took photographs and I signed autographs and we all ate a snack and joked around. Refreshing doesn’t even begin to describe the experience. So I will just sigh blissfully and hope that all readings end in a similar fashion.

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